2022, New and Improved Paddle board – Packed Full of Features

Crew and Axel were founded on the principles of creating high-quality paddle boarding products at affordable prices, making them accessible for all. Due to this, we are constantly looking to improve our products even further and added new features that we know will make your paddle boarding experience more enjoyable than ever. With more action-packed features than similar boards on the market, at a fair price, there isn’t a better time to invest in a new board. Let’s take a closer look at the features on the board, some old, some new but all designed with your experience in mind:

Wider Board

One of the major changes that we have made to our paddle board from the last design is that we have widened the board by 3 inches. Widening the paddle board increases stability, making it easier to move on the water. Additionally, this makes it perfect for those looking to also take their child with them on the water, as it adds more space on the surface of the board and helps balance two people on the one paddle board.

Dry Bag

Our new and improved paddle board also comes with a dry bag that you can put your belongings in, while on the water. Our dry bag comes in a colour that matches your paddle board and is waterproof to protect your belongings. The dry bag can then be secured on your paddle board in the bungie storage area.

4 D Rings

On the centre part of the paddle board, we have added D rings (seen on the orange part of the paddle board in the image above), on which you can attach a seat. This will allow you to use your paddle board in a number of different ways. Seats are sold separately and can be easily attached to the top of the board allowing you to sit down for a more leisurely paddle.

Camera Mount

Why not document your paddle boarding adventures around the world by attaching a Go Pro to your paddle board? Now you can do this by using the black camera mount at the front of the paddle board.

Adjustable Paddle

Our paddle boards also come as standard with an adjustable paddle, meaning that their length can be customised to the height of any rider. This means that the same paddles can be used for both adults and their children. The paddles themselves also collapse down to be able to fit in a backpack and transported easily.

Dual Action Pump

Here at Crew and Axel, we understand that you do not want to waste time waiting until your paddle board is fully inflated. That is why we designed our dual action pump to cut the pumping time in half. The pump is great as it effectively inflates your paddle board with the downward and upward motion of the pump, taking far less time to fully inflate the board.

Quick Release Fin

While other paddle boards on the market have films that can be removed, they are usually attached through a clip mechanism that can break easily. The Crew and Axel board, on the other hand, has a quick release fin attached with a stainless-steel screw, which is easy to install and remove but will last longer due to its hardier material. The removable fin makes the paddle board easier to move around and transport.

There is also a third fin attached to the paddle board which is designed for further stability and manoeuvrability on the water, giving the rider more control.

Our Lightest Paddle Board Yet

Our new and improved paddle board is the lightest paddle board that we have ever created and is, in fact, one of the lightest on the market. Made from proprietary military strength materials, the board only weighs 16lbs when fully inflated.

Anti Slip Traction Pad

On the board, there are three separate anti-slip traction pads, meaning that there is a space on the board for you, a friend and a pet all at the same time. These traction pads are great for gripping onto the board, even when wet. They are great to help you keep your balance as a beginner who is learning to paddle board.

Bungie Storage Area

On the top of our paddle boards there are flexible bungies that can stretch to hold anything that you need to take with you out on the water. They have the strength to hold these securely while you are out paddling.

Carrying Handle

The paddle board has a carry handle built in to the board so that it can be easily carried once fully inflated, making it easy to transport to the water and get back to your vehicle.

Reinforced Anti-Leak Valve

As our boards are inflatable and are blown up by an electric pump, we ensure that they stay fully inflated for the full time you are using them. To ensure this, we have installed a reinforced anti-leak valve that has a dual lock feature so that no air escapes from the board while you are out on the water.

Leash Attachment

Our paddle boards also all have a Velcro leash attached to them that you can attach around your leg, with the other end attached to the board. This allows you to always be linked to the paddle board, even if you fall off. This is also a great feature if you have children to ensure they will always stay close by, even if they lose their balance.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Crew and Axel, we are so confident in the quality of our paddle board, that we offer a no-hassle 60-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty. The new and improved design is the perfect gift for your loved one or a great investment for yourself when taking up a new hobby. Its lightweight design can be used in the ocean, on lakes or by the pool, so what are you waiting for? Get out on the water as soon as you can.



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