6 tips to know before your first paddle boarding experience

Beginning a new sport or activity can be a daunting experience. Especially if that activity involves standing on water, something that feels incredibly unnatural! However, it is important to remember that after the initial feelings of unease, paddle boarding offers the opportunity to develop a relaxing hobby that you can enjoy around the world. We have created this lists of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your first paddle boarding experience so you can start to feel like an expert in no time!


Before the water

Before you get into the water there are some basic skills you should take the time to practice! Handling your paddle is one of the fundamental skills to understand before setting off. Try to cup one hand over the end of the paddle and place the other about an arms length down. Having a secure grip on the paddle will help you to maintain control when on the water. Secondly, it is good idea to practice moving between a kneeling and standing position on your board. These two skills will help you to enter the water with confidence.


Start in calmer waters

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice but it definitely needs reiterating! Starting in calm waters, taking it slow, can help you build up confidence and find a sense of balance before heading to more challenging locations. Choosing a location that isn’t over crowded with boats, people, buoys or other obstacles is another great start.


You need to learn how to fall!

When paddle boarding for the first time, falling is an inevitable part of the experience! Therefore, it is important to learn the best way to fall. Most instructors will take you through this process and the main piece of advice to remember is to fall off the sides of your board, not the front or back. This will help you avoid injury. When you fall, try and keep a hold of the paddle! This will prevent you from loosing it and make getting back onto your board a simpler process.


Make sure to get the correct leash

Using a leash is important even if you are a more experienced paddle boarder. A leash is wrapped around your ankle to keep you attached to your board. With falling off a few times an inevitability, a leash ensures you and your board stay close when it’s time to get back on and try again.


Invest in one of our kits!

Before you head out in the water, why not invest in one of our paddle boarding kits? They’ve got everything you need for your first experience out on your board. This includes a board, paddle, pump, fins, and leash to set you up for success.

Have fun!

When you have your first experience paddle boarding, no matter what age you are, there will be some nerves in anticipation. It is important to remember that falling is part of the experience as is learning the new skills and techniques. It will take some time to feel like an expert so make sure to enjoy the process of learning. Everyone who paddle boards remembers their first time, everyone has fallen off and learnt from mistakes! So enjoying the falling, laugh it off and get back on board. You won’t regret it!




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