Why Paddle boarding Is Fun For All The Family


Paddle boarding is a great activity on the water that can be enjoyed by all the family – from adults to teens to children – even the family dog can get involved! Paddle boarding can be done on the sea or lakes in a number of different locations around the world – with some moving at a more leisurely rate and some wanting to travel at speed.

Let’s take a look at why paddle boarding is fun for all the family:

Paddling is Great Exercise

Keeping children fit and active is very important as these benefits both their physical and mental health. Swimming in the water and paddle boarding are both great exercises that strengthen muscles and keep your child active. While it is good exercise, paddle boarding is a low impact sport, meaning that any adults with injuries that make them avoid exercise will still be able to access it.

Paddle boarding is a great way to tire out your children during the holidays, keeping them busy and active.

Paddling is a Lifelong Sport

The earlier children start to feel comfortable on the water, the more likely they are to continue water activities such as paddle boarding or kayaking later in life. Learning a new skill is less daunting when they are younger, and they are less likely to retain the skill as they get older. Therefore, introducing paddle boarding when your children are younger will mean that you have hours of endless family fun on holidays and weekends for the rest of their lives- they may even pass this skill down to their children.

Paddling is Fun!

As mentioned above, getting kids outdoors and active should be a focus for any parent as it keeps them healthy. One of the best ways to encourage your child to exercise is to choose an activity that they enjoy – as they are more likely to stick to this. Through enjoyable play, paddle boarding can improve your children’s skills in a number of areas, including strength, balance and coordination. These skills can be transferred to other water sports, such as canoeing and kayaking, and to activities on the ground, such as other sports.

Not only this, but paddle boarding allows your children to become increasingly more confident in the water, which will aid them in later life.

You Can Purchase or Rent Equipment

Trying out new activities with all the family can be challenging due to the significant cost involved. The great thing about paddle boarding is that there are many paddle boarding companies that can rent equipment, rather than you having to buy it and make the investment immediately.

If you feel like this is an activity that your family can often enjoy for many years to come, then you can then choose to purchase some paddle boarding equipment for yourself. We recommend our Crew and Axel Inflatable Paddle Boardas an affordable option for fun-filled family days.

You Can Take Part In A Lot Of Activities

As well as simply moving around the water on your paddle board, there are many other games and activities you can do while on a paddle board, for endless hours of entertainment for all the family. These are also great ways to keep your children exercising and active, as it takes a lot of effort to paddle board, and engages a number of muscles. Take a look at some of our favourites below:


Children love to compete against each other, so there is nothing like a race on the water to please their competitive spirit. Racing from Point A to Point B in the water is a great way to use paddle boards. This can be done individually, or for smaller children or those less confident, two could be on each paddle board.

A number of different race events could be organised to keep the children busy, such as ones where they have to turn the paddle board and manoeuvre it around inflatable obstacles or where they need to paddle board to the beach, collect items and paddle board back to their starting point. These races can be individual competitions or can turn into a best of three to keep the kids entertained for longer.

Water Gun Tag

Another fun game for all the family is water gun tag which can be played on stand-up paddle boards. Your family can use their paddle boards to move around the water and use water guns to try and attack each other. One person on the paddle board is the paddler, who manoeuvres the board, while the other is the shooter with the water gun. One team is ‘it’ and needs to chase the others around the water until they hit the other pair with their water gun, then the process swaps over.

Paddle Boarding With the Family – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paddle Boarding With Kids Dangerous?

When you are out on the open water, it is important to be vigilant as there is ultimately an increased risk than when you are on land. However, there are ways to make paddle boarding safer so that you and your family can enjoy the water. Firstly, it is important to ensure that your children are good swimmers before taking them into deep water. Before this, consider only using your paddle board in shallow water without a tide such as in lakes.

Secondly, it is recommended, although not required by law, that you use leashes and life jackets to make your children even safer when on the water, should they fall off the paddle board.

What Is the Best Stand up Paddle Board for Beginners?

Stand Up Paddle boards are an investment, with many boards costing a large amount of money. If you are looking for a great family paddle board to get you started, then consider our 10FT Crew and Axel Inflatable Paddle Board, which is a high-quality board at a reasonable price. This lightweight board is great for all the family and is large enough to fit a parent and child on it comfortably.



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